See, It just won't come apart.


See, It won't come apart!

Give me a minute I can get it into that dumpster.









Maybe someone else could use this, I'll just leave it here in the grass.

File that unwanted business card in someone’s lawn.

I should pick it up but only have two hands.

hmm the gutter does seem to be a secure place to store the Coke can.













Strolling through my neighboring neighborhood with Sugar Baby my tethered canine baby, I couldn’ t help but notice a few of the alternative methods my town mates  have come up with for recycling along with their traditional plots of landscape.

We’re not looking for a new home right now but we found a realtor’s business card filed in the grass, we should probably pick it up and keep it, the neighborhood is getting a little run down.

Wanted to pick up this Coke can we found but I was already juggling a dog leash two full bags of doggy poop, and my phone. I figured that soon a real re-cycler would come along and be delighted to find the bright, shiny can.

The gutter's clean, 5 seconds, I'm not sure.

Cool idea. Empty Fruit Loop box in freshly swept street gutter.

Smoking these cigarettes isn't bad for my baby at all, either is dumping my trash on someone else's lawn.

Smoking these cigarettes isn’t bad for my baby at all, either is dumping my trash on someone else’s lawn.













Couldn’t help but think of the five second rule when I saw the Fruit Loops especially as I could see the street sweeper had just made a fresh pass down that street, but couldn’t be sure when it hit the ground. Just kidding. I’m sure it was empty anyway, there weren’t any ants that had colonized the box yet.

I guess it’s okay to dump your garbage on a lawn if it’s just an apartment building lawn. And of course if one hides it out here maybe you can hide it from your neighbors that you are smoking around your baby. Disgusting!  My Sugar Baby was all over this and I had my hands full pulling him away and getting my picture. Pigs who throw their garbage out on other’s lawns, who knows what else could be in their garbage?

Please pick up the poop, I don't need the fertilizer.

I try to enhance the neighborhood but I can’t do it alone.

Please have your dogs pee somewhere else.

It’s hard to look pretty when people keep taking shortcuts across the top of me.











We found that many people still try to carve out lil’ acres where they can plant some petunias and primroses. In the great soil we have around here it doesn’t take much care to make them grow. What a delight to turn a corner and be surprised with colorful sights like these. Now if people would just put those plastic garbage bags that blow so easily in the air where they belong when they are finished with them, then we would not find them cluttering up these lovely flower beds and killing the enthusiasm of those who still try.


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